March 18, 2011

Big Brother

 Hunter is such a great big brother.  I always knew he would be.  He's such a sweet kid.  He always says hello to Peyton when he first sees her in the morning.  Most of the time he's willing to share whatever toy she's trying to take from him.  He helps her up onto the couch.  He brings her cup if she's looking for it.  He shares his snack if she wants some.  He kisses her goodnight before bed.  She's finally at an age where I find them playing together in another room for several minutes that don't require my supervision.  It's fun to hear...and watch.



This seems like such a typical big brother photo....making silly faces in the background.


Happy Weekend!!

1 comment:

Kristine said...

It's crazy how cute they both are!! Love the kissy picture ;)