March 23, 2011


This morning I'm with my girl and she's getting tubes put in her ears.
I'm not really scared.  It's very routine and such a quick procedure.
She'll get a little gas and go to sleep.
I'm more worried about the 3 hours after I pluck her out of bed 
before the sun comes up when she can't have ANYTHING to eat or drink.  
She's not gonna be happy.
I can hear her repeated requests for something to drink already.
And I'll be alone in trying to entertain her while we wait her turn.
But these tubes will be worth it.
The ear infections that won't quit will be all gone.
And I didn't realize it before, but her hearing is not so great either.
It was kinda sad to watch her during the hearing test the other day.
That will surely improve.
She actually talks quite a bit for not hearing so well.
I can't imagine how much she'll be talking after this.

Project 52:  Week 11



Updated to add:

Peyton did GREAT this morning.  She never once asked for food or drink in the 3 hours she was awake before the procedure.
so far so good

About 15 minutes after they took her the doctor came out to give me the report.  Then 15 minutes later they called me back to see her.  She was awake, alert, and someone was holding her.  She had no clue what just happened.  She sucked down a juice box and the promptly flipped out once it was empty.
All done. She did great!

Popsicle to the rescue.  After that was gone we were on our way home.
She's been sleeping for 3 hours now as I type this.
So proud of her!


Kristin said...

I'm proud of her, too! It is amazing that she wasn't upset to wake up and have someone she didn't know holding her!

mommyd said...

Way to go Peyton! She's a brave little girl, glad it is over! Connor had his 15 month checkup today & his pediatrician let me see his tubes. :)

Jaymi said...

hey Dena, thanks for visiting my blog and for following me! you are actually my 100th follower, so I gave you a little shout out! :)

oh and your little girl is adorable! hope she's doing ok!