March 10, 2011

not embracing the camera today

So, I'm not embracing the camera today.  I haven't picked up the camera all week due to the sick little one.  I did take a few camera phone pics, but they don't include my face in them.  The meds for her double ear infection didn't work so she suffered an extra long time with ear pain and fever.  Yesterday she got more meds and is finally perking up.

so pitiful :o(
having a rough week - double ear infection and meds don't seem to be working :(

Back at the doctor
at the doctor again

Finally feeling human again.  Could she be any cuter?
I think we're finally on the road to recovery


Kristin said...

Cheeeeese! :-)

mommyd said...

So glad she is feeling better! We've had our share of ear infections here and Connor finally had tubes put in on Monday.