March 7, 2011

Tough Guy

The night we camped this happened.  It had just gotten dark and we had just given the kids the speech about not running in the dark and we also gave them headlamps to wear.  Just as the adults sat down to eat Hunter ran into the campsite grill (so much for that speech)....the grill won.  I waited until Heath told me to put down my fork before I realized he was really hurt (way to go, Mom!).  It was instantly purple and very swollen.  He cried for a while, but he was super brave.  It didn't ruin his night.  The next morning we figured out exactly what he hit on the grill.  It was the round grate that you put the food on.  Any other part was pointy and probably would have busted his eye open.  It's been a week and the bruise is almost gone.