March 30, 2011

We're here!

Sorry for disappearing without warning.  Thursday, the day after Peyton got her tubes we went off to Jacksonville.  It was a busy 4 days while we were there.  We shopped, Hunter spent a couple nights at Uncle Ronnie's, I had dinner with some friends, and also squeezed in two photo shoots.  Can't wait to share some pics.  And then when we got home Hunter got hit with the stomach bug that Peyton had 2 days before.  He missed his first soccer practice and we're missing a day at Sea World today :o(

No post is complete with pictures so here are a couple phone pics while I try to edit the rest.

Peyton managed to screw the top off my mascara and then use it as lipstick when I wasn't looking.
mascara.... great.

I let Hunter play on the iPad as much as he wanted one day.  Peyton was sick and sleeping a lot and mommy just wanted to rest.  It was a great babysitter :o)
Obsessed with the iPad and Angry Birds. And today I don't care how much he plays it. #lazymomday

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