November 1, 2008

Fall Festival Fun!

For the last 6 years, ever since there have been kids in the family, we have gone to our church's Fall Festival on Halloween night.  They do it up right.  There is an area to trick-or-treat, games to play, bounce houses, rides, and food to enjoy.  The past 2 years we've taken Hunter as well, but he's never been old enough to enjoy any of the activities.  This year was much different and so much fun for him... and us!

Here he is trick or treating.  Some of the elderly people in the church sit in chairs making an alley for the kids to come through while they hand out candy.

With Daddy on a ride

Coming off a big slide

Cowboy Ethan

Dragon Ashton

Grandma even likes to dress up a little

Aunt Tiff must get it from her mom!

Hunter LOVED the choo-choo as he calls it. We rode it at least 3 times. Here he is pulling the whistle.

Hunter's friend Amelia (dressed as JoJo) was there, too. She asked Hunter to hold her hand and he did. So adorable!

When we got home we took Hunter to trick or treat at our friend's houses close by. It was the cutest thing. He totally understood the trick or treat concept. He would chant "cha-cha-cheat" between houses. He wasn't afraid to go up and knock on the door and pick a piece of candy. He was very polite and said thank you for his candy.

There are even more pictures here if you just can't get enough! 

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Jennifer said...

Your camera takes AMAZING photos! What great great shots!!