November 4, 2008

Well, that was easy!

I feel confident in saying that we are paci-free as of Sunday! It went WAY smoother than I ever imagined.

Hunter took to the paci right away after he was born. He practically lived with it in his mouth until about 14 months. He started walking just before 14 months and I just have this thing about kids walking around with a paci in their mouth all the time. To each their own. It's just something that bothers me personally. I started slowly weaning it from daily life as much as I could. It came in handy during those dreaded weeks of teething though! By 18 months the paci's home became Hunter's bed. It stayed there at all times. He left it there when he woke up and never asked for it otherwise. That should have been my first indication that maybe he didn't need it as bad as I thought he did. Now that Hunter has turned 2 I decided that maybe it's time to get rid of them all together. I decided last week that I would start cutting the paci down starting Sunday. That method has worked for a couple people I know so I figured I'd try that. I didn't think I could just take it away cold turkey.

Saturday night Hunter slept at Grandma's house. He was home Sunday to nap. There was nothing in his bed because everything had been taken out to go to Grandma's so I gathered his pillow, blanket, and dog and took him to bed. I decided to just see what would happen if I didn't put the paci in the bed, too. He didn't even ask for it. Not having it didn't even keep him awake. He fell asleep in no time. We haven't turned back. He hasn't even asked for it.


Marcie said...

Go Big boy! I love him!

Jennifer said...

wow that's awesome (how did I miss this post!?)