November 10, 2008

A little bit of nothing

Not much to report here. Heath and I had a bit of a stomach bug Friday. We felt good enough Saturday to take Hunter to his very first movie in a movie theater. We saw Madagascar 2 and he made it through the whole thing! Some may be surprised that a barely two year old can make it through a whole movie, but Hunter is a movie buff like his dad.

Hunter got all his hair cut off

Eating an Oreo with Grandma

Self portrait


Anonymous said...

What happened to the "cheese" picture while eating his cookie. That was so cute. You've got this kid trained. I guess so with let me see 3,000 pictures taken of him but who could help it with such an adorable and most of the time cooperative kid. Grandma

Marcie said...

Haha...he is like, "take the pic already mom" in that last shot! ;) Like the hair cut!

Jennifer said...

Glad everyone is doing better!