November 3, 2008

Pikelween V

We attended Pikelween 5 Saturday night.  This is our neighbor's annual Halloween bash. Marcie totally outdid herself this year.  The decor and food were the best yet.  She has a blog now so all the little details were very well thought out. We had a great time.  I enjoyed being the resident photographer.  There are a lot of pictures!  I'll share just a few, but you can see all 150 of them here if you so desire.  Click on 'detail' if you want to see bigger pictures with captions.  WARNING:  You might find some of the costumes offensive so view at your own risk!

Heath and I were going for easy, cheap, and comfortable this year.  He was a Redneck Gator Fan and I was a Jaguar.  No, people, I wasn't a Cat.  Ha!

The Hosts - Little Red Riding Hood and Slash

The Spread. It looked AND tasted great!

No party is complete without a chocolate fountain! I'll totally take credit for the display of food. Isn't it purdy?

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Allyson and Dave said...

I love the food spread!!