November 26, 2008

Gobble, Gobble!

We're staying in town for Thanksgiving this year.  The past few years we've either gone to Jacksonville or we've done both, stayed here for dinner and then drive to Jax for the weekend. We decided to have a more relaxing weekend this year and just stay home. We'll be joining a slew of family at Heath's sister's house tomorrow.   The rest of the weekend will include having family pictures taken (wish us luck, seriously!), watching the UF/FSU game, some cleaning and Christmas decorating, and maybe even some shopping.  Sunday Hunter and I will be headed to Jax for most of the week to help my mom decorate and do some shopping as well as see some other family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


Kristin said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Jennifer said...

Hope you had a nice day!