November 19, 2008

Product Recommendation: Loop 2 Loop Belt

I was in the market for a belt for Hunter.  He has a really tiny waist and all his pants are falling down.  I went to a couple local stores and found no one carrying belts for kids.  I searched Etsy and found a lot of people selling kids belts, but this one is genius to me.  It doesn't buckle in the front saving you from having to undo the belt every time you change a diaper or take your child to the potty.  In the back there is an adjustable slide so you can cinch it as tight as you wish.  I got my belt last week and Hunter has worn it several times.  It's awesome!  If you're in the market for a child's belt (they sell boy and girl colors), check out Loop2Loop on Etsy.

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Anonymous said...

This is genius...why didn't we think of this. I think Ethan and Ashton could use these also. Janice