November 18, 2010

Embrace the Camera: November 18

It seems I've completely forgotten about embrace the camera the past TWO weeks!  What's wrong with me?  I'm back in the game though.  

We spent Saturday at Magic Kingdom.  It was PACKED, but we managed to accomplish a lot anyway.  Hunter rode Thunder Mountain with Daddy, his first real roller coaster!  He said he liked it, but that it was scary and he didn't want to do it again.  He was pretty brave.

His first request was the Toy Story ride, Buzz Lightyear Shooters as he calls it.
Buzz Lightyear Shooters as Hunter would say


I'm thankful for a child who will sleep when she needs to.  Hunter was not one of those babies.  He'd just be miserable and never give it up.






Chrissy said...

Aww - what a cute family!! I bet you had a great time!!

Alicia said...

sweet pictures! i have two lil ones who will stay miserable {and let us know about it} instead of fall asleep. wish they would just fall asleep like your sweet lil girl does!

Steph said...

i love all of these pictures! it looks like y'all were having a blast. :)

Mommy Girl said...

makes me want to visit Disneyland! Great photos!

Fawn Teresi said...

I want to go to Disney!!!! Great pics :)

hill said...

great shots!