November 7, 2010

We Bleed Garnet and Gold

To say that we are Florida State fans is an understatement.  We both have older siblings that graduated from FSU and of course, so did Heath and I.  Heath also has 2 cousins that graduated after we did.  We've been grooming Hunter to be a little Seminole since he was born.  For example, when he sees a Gator flag flying outside someone's house he says "Ew, Gators.  We don't like the Gators.  Gators are bad."  That's my boy!

We've been waiting for a day that we could take Hunter to his first football game.  We felt like he was ready this year.  So, over the weekend we went up for the Homecoming game.  Heath's mom, sister, and nephew were also there.  We started out the weekend by watching the Homecoming Parade.  I'm ashamed to say that I've never watched a parade until this one.  Hunter had such a good time and we just loved watching him.


He waved to everyone.

Renegade and Chief Osceola - one of Hunter's favorites of the weekend.

The gorgeous Clydesdales

The Marching Chiefs

Hunter was a chic magnet!  He stood on the side of the road waving and doing the chop and every sorority girl would walk by handing out candy and just melt when they saw him.

Super Nole!

Ashton and all his beads.

We stopped by the AKPsi house.  Now, it's been 9 years since I graduated (HOW is that even possible?! I am NOT that old!) and 11 since Heath graduated so we feel quite old when we walk in there.  Thank goodness for Heath's cousin.  She graduated just last year and was in AKPsi as well so all we have to do is name drop her and we're cool again :o)

Hunter found my picture

That night we went to the Downtown Getdown.  They block off the streets, have a band, vendors, and stuff for kids to do.  Hunter got his face painted like Batman!

The game was at 3:30.  We started tailgating about 11am with a bunch of friends.  Most people brought their kids so it was a great time for all of us.

A little cornhole.  Gotta love the technique.

All the future Seminoles!

Game time!  Hunter never stopped doing the chop.  He was so into the game and did better than we ever expected.



During halftime we went down to the tunnel to wait for the players to run back onto the field.  You can stick your hand out and they'll high five you as they run by.  Hunter got quite a few and I got it all on video.


That night while Hunter was asleep (the 3 of us sleeping in one hotel room) I looked over at him and saw him doing the chop in his sleep.  Then a few minutes before he woke up that morning he said 'go seminoles' while sleeping.  Pretty sure that's proof he had a really fun weekend.

It was the weekend and we'll definitely take him again.  The Seminoles didn't give us a W, but it was still a great time.


Katrin said...

This looks like a fun weekend. I haven't been to Tallahassee in several years....I miss going! I am a new followee to your blog. I love it.
Katrin Cichon Clubine

Robyn THE Mama Lion said...

So fun!! What a great memory for all of you!!