November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Peyton was just a little Seminole...and cute as a button!  I'd been wanting to make her an FSU tutu so I just made it her costume.  The fabric flower bow is my newest obsession.  There will be some blogging and maybe even a tutorial on that.  And ya gotta love the 'Go Noles' on the heiny!
Oct 2010

Hunter's been wanting to be Spiderman for months.  He never wavered.  He didn't like the mask too much so I painted his face.  We won't talk about how he smeared his face all over the floor just seconds after I finished my masterpiece.  (breathe, momma, breathe) I salvaged it as best I could and I'm sure you can't tell.  And if you can, just lie and say it look perfect!
Oct 20101

Love this - Wolverine vs. Spiderman

Some of the neighborhood boys.  Hunter's got his web shooters (aka silly string).


Kristin said...

I can't tell that he messed up his face paint. And I wish we weren't too old to wear tu-tus. I'd wear one this Saturday! :D

The Bonjour Four said...

i can't tell he messed it up! looks great to me. And I love Peyton's outfit. too cute!!

Chrissy said...

Love their outfits!! And I can't tell it's messed up either!!
They're all lovely!!

Debbie Freund said...

Love the tutu too! Sell on writteninthread so I can buy from you instead of other people! :)