November 15, 2010

Christmas Card Time!

I heard about this great deal for bloggers that Shutterfly is offering.  You get 50 FREE photo cards!  Sign me up!  I'm all about free stuff.  It's expensive enough to mail a card with the price of stamps so might as well get the card for free.  Go HERE for more info on how you can get 50 free photo cards, too!

I always send out Christmas cards and they're always photo cards.  It's a must for me.  We just had our family picture taken (I won't be sharing until cards have been mailed, sorry) so I'm ready to create our Christmas card.  I know Shutterfly won't disappoint.  I've used them often in the past - mostly for photo prints and cards.  The quality is good and the prices are great!

Here are a few cards that caught my eye.  Maybe one will be our Christmas card.  You'll just have to wait and see!

Charming Gift Wrap
 Lovely Leaves Story
 Joy Sage Story

1 comment:

Robyn THE Mama Lion said...

I wish I knew when Iris was going to arrive so I can decided to do Christmas cards or NY cards!!!! Good deal!!!