November 2, 2010

Every Baby Deserves to Be Celebrated

I helped throw a little baby shower over the weekend.  The shower was at someone else's house so I was able to focus on making cute stuff and didn't have to worry about making sure my house was spotless and didn't have to prepare a bunch of food.  We are both crafty people so we worked really well together and I was so pleased with how everything turned out.

The mommy-to-be (for the second time) is a newish friend.  She's a mom of one of Hunter's school friends and also a down the street neighbor.  The boys also played soccer last season together.  When Laura, the other hostess, and I heard that she may not have a shower for this little girl (What will she wear?!) we decided we'd love to throw one for her.

We went with a pink and turquoise 'theme', if you will.  I just love that color combination.
I'll start with a collage of some of the things I made:
1) Pinwheels - they were everywhere.
2) Iris (baby's name) banner and a pom-pom (That pompom took FOREVER to make.  I bought a paper lantern, cut circles out of tulle and hot glued them on.  FIVE YARDS of tulle later and it really needed more, but I just couldn't do anymore.  It will hang in Peyton's room to take it worth it :o) 
3) Clothespin Babies!  I'll be doing a tutorial on these.  They're a party favor and a game all in one.
4) Diaper Cake with fabric flowers.  The flowers are on hair clips so she can use them for the baby's hair.
stuff I made

Laura (the hostess) did all of this:
1) Adorably set up entry way table.
2) Love those plates you can write on!
3) She painted these letters for the baby's room.  So awesome!
4) Candy Pretzels.  I'll be making some of these.  So easy!
5) Name tag tray
stuff Laura made

Here's the food table, cupcake minis, and personalized cookies (made by one of the guests!)

The guest of honor won the game.  Don't worry, I'll explain the game when I do the tutorial.  Maybe tomorrow so come back!  And you can see her flower pin.  I told you I was obsessed!
The game winner!

Guest of honor with the hostesses


Kristin said...

Cute, cute and CUTE!

Chrissy said...

It all looks great!! Love the cute ideas!!
And good looking ladies there!!