November 29, 2010

ICE (and SNOW) 2010

It's become a family tradition to visit the ICE exhibit in the Gaylord Palms hotel each Christmas.  My mother-in-law is able to get her family in at no charge so we take full advantage.  It's not exactly cheap when you consider it's about a 1 hour activity. This year was extra special though.  At last year's company party she won a prize to be the FIRST family into ICE this year.  So, on opening day we were able to be the first ones in and had the exhibit to ourselves for about a half hour.  It's quite a treat since the ice slides at the end can form quite a line.  The boys went down the slides as many times as they could!

This year they added SNOW.  It was kind of like a winter carnival.  There were lots of carnival type games for the kids to play, an area to build a snowman and throw snowballs, and even a place to snow tube.  That's about as real as it's going to get here in central Florida!

Here are the posts from year's past:  2009 & 2008











My brother in law had the best form :o)



Here's a short video so you can see how big this exhibit is and of course the fun sliding at the end!


Jennifer said...

Looks like you all had a blast! :)

mrossi0513 said...

Fuuuuun! And I love that last pic of Hunter.

Robyn THE Mama Lion said...

Wow! 1st Family in!! Nice!! I like the You Might Like at the bottom about the Ice man....RIP;)

Allyson and Dave said...

We are having our company Christmas party at Snow and Ice. I cannot wait to try out Snow!

The Bonjour Four said...

love all the pics! I'm getting a 1.4 this christmas and im soooo excited!

Erin said...

oh my goodness that looks like sooo much fun! That is awesome!